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Make the connection at East Sussex County Council

A better-connected East Sussex is a career-enhancing challenge – and a rewarding one too. We’re looking for new Major Infrastructure Project Managers and an East Sussex Growth Project Coordinator, to help us build and monitor innovative, sophisticated, and multi-faceted economic infrastructure programmes. We’re connecting the people who live, work and travel to East Sussex with the businesses, places and spaces that matter to them.

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Our Major Projects and Growth Team manages our economic growth funds and is responsible for delivering major transport and infrastructure improvements across East Sussex – bringing people together, helping businesses grow, and making the county a more accessible place to live and work.

As Head of Service, I want to express to you how personally and professionally you will enjoy your time with us. It will be highly rewarding and will challenge you to get the best out of yourself and others. The Major Projects and Growth team are very much at the heart of delivering the County Council’s core priorities of driving sustainable economic growth and maximising resources.You will be at the forefront of making connections, shaping places and enabling the delivery of programmes that leave a lasting legacy. I hope you are as inspired as we are to join us on this journey.

Richard Dawson – Head of Service, Economic Development, Skills, Culture and Infrastructure

At East Sussex County Council, our road safety team support communities across the county – always with safety in mind. Cycle lanes to pedestrian crossings. Safer roads for safer drivers. Join us and help shape our Community Road Safety Schemes. You’ll play a vital part in further developing our aspirations.

The work we do is immensely rewarding and our career-enhancing opportunities strive to make East Sussex a better connected and safer place to live, work and travel. We’re looking to fill three positions within the Community Projects and Casualty Reduction Teams. Both teams work collaboratively to solve problems and play a key part in improving the places and spaces that matter most.

These roles will help with project management solutions across a variety of communities and help to design, develop and deliver road safety programmes and systems to reduce casualties on the roads. Fundamentally we work to make roads safer for everyone. And that’s where you come in. To help us deliver objectives that have far-reaching impact across the county.

Community Projects Team

Recently secured funding has allowed our Community Projects Team to work on delivering a number of small scale local interventions. We want to be realistic about what can be achieved within the community. And for us, this involves prioritising the reduction of road casualties.

Casualty Reduction Team

Through effective use of resources and data led insights, the Casualty Reduction Team focuses on crash site history across the county’s road network. We work to implement a programme of measures to address and fundamentally reduce crash sites and casualties.

Team Structure

Team Structure